-The global automotive community is mourning the news of the death of one of racing icons, Gil de Ferran, at the age of 56. De Ferran, known as a man with a glittering career in racing, died on Wednesday morning at his home in Rio de Janeiro after battling an unspecified illness.

This news surprised many, especially those who knew him both as a competitor and a friend. Gil de Ferran is not only known as a champion in some of the most prestigious racing events in the world, but also as a person who is humble and dedicated to the sport he loves.

Gil De Ferran Morreu

Born in Paris in 1967, but raised in Brazil, De Ferran began to attract the attention of the racing world in the late 1980s and early 1990s. With his extraordinary speed and driving techniques, he managed to win championship titles in various racing events, including Formula 1, Formula Indy, and endurance racing events.

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The pinnacle of his career came when he won the CART (Championship Auto Racing Teams) championship twice in a row in 2000 and 2001. His success in CART cemented his position as one of the best racers in the world at that time. Not only that, he also recorded a number of wins in endurance racing events, including victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

However, success on the track was not De Ferran’s only contribution to the world of racing. After retiring from racing, he was involved in team management and consulted for several major teams in Formula 1 and IndyCar. His expertise in understanding the technicalities and strategies of racing has made him one of the most respected figures behind the scenes.

Behind the splendor of his racing career, De Ferran is known as a humble, sincere person who always appreciates every moment in his life. He always strives to have a positive impact on the automotive community and is involved in various charitable activities.

A number of colleagues and close friends expressed deep sadness at his passing. They described De Ferran as an inspiration, mentor and friend who always gave encouragement to everyone around him.

Reactions from the automotive community also poured in on social media. Many drivers, teams and fans have expressed their respect and memories of De Ferran. The hashtags #RememberingGil and #RIPGil became trending topics on various platforms.

Gil de Ferran’s death leaves a huge void in the world of racing. However, his legacy and dedication will live on and inspire new generations of racers. Many hope that the passion, dedication and integrity shown by De Ferran will be an example for all those involved in this sport.

In the coming days, it is expected that there will be many commemorations and tributes held in memory of this legendary figure. The worldwide automotive community looks forward to celebrating and honoring the enormous contribution Gil de Ferran has made.

News of Gil de Ferran’s death spread throughout the world, creating a wave of deep sorrow among racing fans and the automotive community. Colleagues from various eras, including those who competed with him on the track, expressed their condolences and fond memories of the Brazilian-Frenchman.

Some of them revealed the last message they shared with De Ferran. A former teammate shared, “Gil has always had an unwavering fighting spirit. The last time we spoke, he shared his vision for the future of racing and his desire to continue making a contribution.”

Along with his fame as an elite racer, Gil de Ferran is also respected for his involvement behind the scenes. After retiring from active racing, he continued his career as a consultant and team manager. His expertise in understanding technical aspects and racing strategies has made a major contribution to the teams he manages.

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De Ferran is also actively involved in youth rider development projects and innovative approaches to inspire the new generation. His passion for the sport has never faded, and he has always pushed for increased safety, innovation and sustainability in the world of racing.

Several prominent figures in the world of racing also responded to Gil de Ferran’s departure. Jean Todt, President of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), said, “Gil de Ferran left an indelible legacy in the history of racing. His contribution as a racer and later as a leader in the world of this sport is invaluable.”

A number of Formula 1 drivers, including colleagues and rivals from the past, expressed their condolences. Lewis Hamilton said, “Losing Gil de Ferran is a huge blow to the world of racing. I grew up admiring his achievements and his dedication to this sport.”


Gil de Ferran’s death is a great loss for the automotive world. However, his memory and legacy will continue to be cherished by everyone who interacted with him. Now is a time to celebrate the extraordinary life and achievements of one of the main pillars of the racing world. Goodbye, Gil de Ferran. May your spirit find peace.