-In celebration of New Year’s Eve in Berlin, Germany, Polizei Berlin used the social media platform Twitter to provide very important information to the public. Twitter has become a very effective channel for the police to communicate quickly and precisely with citizens, especially in the face of large celebrations such as New Year’s Eve. With the popular hashtag #SilvesterBerlin, Polizei Berlin succeeded in conveying important messages about security and order.

Since 18.00 pm on December 31 2023, the official Polizei Berlin Twitter account has started actively providing live updates regarding the situation at various points in the city which are the center of the celebration.

With more than 500,000 followers, the account is a major source of information for citizens of Berlin and beyond. This step was taken to provide quick access to residents in connection with New Year’s Eve celebrations, which are often a moment prone to potential security disturbances.

Polizei Berlin Silvester Twitter

One of the main focuses of Polizei Berlin in their series of tweets was regarding traffic safety and congestion hotspots. In the messages they shared, Polizei Berlin provided information about alternative routes and road closures that they hoped would help citizens in their movements during the night of celebration. By including maps and visual representations, they ensure that the information presented can be easily understood by all parties.

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Apart from that, Polizei Berlin also shares messages regarding personal security. They advised residents to remain alert to the presence of valuables, considering the crowds and density of people around the celebration center. These security tips include how to keep your wallet, bag and other valuables from being easily stolen. Apart from that, Polizei Berlin also provides emergency numbers that can be contacted in urgent situations.

Not only providing practical information, Polizei Berlin also uses Twitter to spread positive messages. They invite Berliners to celebrate New Year’s Eve with joy and without excessive worry. In several tweets, they stressed the importance of being tolerant and respectful of each other during the celebrations, creating a safe and enjoyable environment for all.

During the celebration, Polizei Berlin continued to update the security situation via Twitter. They provide information about minor incidents, such as missing children, to the security measures in place around the celebration center. Through retweets and various interactions with followers, Polizei Berlin succeeded in creating active involvement from the community, building awareness of shared security.

The hashtag #SilvesterBerlin has become a trending topic not only in Germany, but also in several other countries. Various communities on social media are following developments in the situation by sharing information provided by Polizei Berlin. This creates solidarity and shared awareness of the importance of maintaining security during New Year’s Eve celebrations.

As a positive impact of Twitter use, Polizei Berlin recorded a decrease in crime rates during New Year’s Eve celebrations. Through information that is continuously conveyed, residents become more alert and cooperate with the police to maintain mutual security. An emphasis on crime prevention and public awareness through social media helps create a safe and festive atmosphere during the celebrations.

Apart from providing information during the celebration, Polizei Berlin also closed New Year’s Eve by thanking the community for their cooperation. In a closing tweet, they expressed appreciation for the awareness and responsibility shown by Berliners. This message creates a positive relationship between the police and the community, opening up space for further cooperation in maintaining security and order in the city.

Thus, the use of Twitter by Polizei Berlin during New Year’s Eve celebrations was not only an effective tool for providing information, but also building positive relationships with the community. Active engagement from citizens through retweets, comments, and participation in disseminating information creates an environment where security is a shared responsibility. Twitter is not only a medium of information, but also a forum for building solidarity and concern between the police and the people of Berlin.


In conclusion, the use of Twitter by Polizei Berlin during New Year’s Eve celebrations in Germany has proven its effectiveness as a communication tool that can provide fast, accurate and relevant information to the public. With more than 500,000 followers and the hashtag #SilvesterBerlin which has become a trending topic, Polizei Berlin has succeeded in creating active involvement from the citizens of Berlin and its surroundings.

Through a series of tweets, Polizei Berlin not only provided practical information regarding traffic safety and the situation at the celebration center, but also spread positive messages of joy and tolerance. They also provide personal safety advice and emergency numbers to call, giving citizens the tools to look after themselves and help in emergency situations.

The importance of Twitter in building awareness of collective security is not only reflected in the increase in the number of retweets and interactions, but also in the decrease in crime rates during New Year’s Eve celebrations. Berliners, through their active participation on social media, demonstrate responsibility and awareness of the importance of collective security.