-Prince Boris De Bulgaria, known as Principe Boris, has become a very popular figure and has attracted the attention of the international community. Born on October 12, 1997 in Sofia, Bulgaria, Boris is a member of the Bulgarian royal family which has a long and rich history. His colorful life and involvement in various fields have put him in the global media spotlight.

Principe Boris was the grandson of Tsar Simeon II, who was the last leader of Bulgaria before the monarchy was abolished in 1946. After the communist revolution, Tsar Simeon II and his family lived in exile for several decades before they were finally able to return to Bulgaria after political changes in the early 2000s -an. This change in time brought significant changes to the Bulgarian royal family, and Principe Boris grew up in an environment full of challenges and opportunities.

Principe Boris De Bulgaria

Principe Boris received his formal education abroad, following in the footsteps of many members of royal families around the world. He was educated at prestigious schools in Europe, which gave him a broad view of the world. During his education, Principe Boris not only focused on science and art, but was also actively involved in various social and humanitarian activities.

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One of the aspects that makes Principe Boris so loved and respected is his active involvement in various humanitarian activities. He has been involved in various charitable projects, including those related to education, health, and poverty alleviation. His compassion and dedication to helping those in need has had a significant positive impact in many communities in Bulgaria and abroad.

Apart from his involvement in charity activities, Principe Boris has also achieved brilliant achievements in the business world. He founded several successful companies in various sectors, including technology and investment. His success in the business world not only created personal wealth, but also made a positive contribution to his country’s economic growth.

Principe Boris, apart from being known as an active public figure, also has an interesting private life. He married a woman who came from a different background but had similar visions and values. Their wedding became a media highlight, and the couple often appeared together at various social events and humanitarian activities.

In recent years, Principe Boris has held the role of ambassador to several international organizations. In this capacity, he has worked to strengthen diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and other countries, as well as promote international peace and cooperation. Its success in diplomacy has made a positive contribution to Bulgaria’s image at the global level.

The strong support of the Bulgarian public and the popularity of Principe Boris online have been one of the key elements of his success. He is active on various social media platforms, sharing his thoughts on current affairs, promoting charity campaigns and engaging directly with his fans. His openness and ability to connect with all walks of life made Principe Boris a much-loved figure.

With his young age, Principe Boris De Bulgaria has great potential to continue to contribute in various fields. His plans for the future involve more charitable projects, business development, and efforts to advance education and community well-being. As part of a royal family with a strong history, Principe Boris is also responsible for maintaining and passing on the traditional values that have become part of his family heritage.


Principe Boris De Bulgaria is an interesting figure, not only as a member of the royal family, but also as an individual who has had a positive impact on various aspects of life. From his involvement in humanitarian activities to his success in the business world, Principe Boris exudes an aura of leadership and inspiration.

Through his popularity, he was able to bring positive change and improve Bulgaria’s image in the eyes of the world. As his life journey continues to develop, the global community will continue to enthusiastically follow Principe Boris De Bulgaria’s exciting journey.