-The virtual world witnessed a phenomenal development in the career of former UFC world champion, Tyron Woodley, as he surprisingly emerged as one of the most popular personalities on the social platform Reddit. With over 3 million followers on a dedicated subreddit dedicated to discussions about combat sports, Woodley has managed to build a strong community online.

Tyron Woodley, who was born in Ferguson, Missouri, on April 17, 1982, has made his name in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) with his brilliant performance in the UFC. Woodley held the UFC welterweight world title from 2016 to 2019 and is known as one of the most talented and powerful fighters in the division.

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However, after a series of disappointing losses towards the end of his UFC career, Woodley decided to explore another side of his popularity and involvement in the online world. In early 2023, he decided to register on the social platform Reddit and quickly gained users’ attention with his mixed martial arts knowledge and unique perspective on the world of combat sports.

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The subreddit created specifically for Woodley is a hub for discussions on a variety of topics, from fighting strategies to the veteran fighter’s personal views on the MMA industry. His followers quickly gathered to discuss their personal experiences with Woodley, reminisce about epic moments in fights, and debate the pros and cons of Woodley’s appearances and decisions in the UFC.

One of the reasons for Woodley’s popularity on Reddit is his openness in interacting with his fans. He actively participates in AMAs (Ask Me Anything), where Reddit users can ask Woodley any questions, from technical questions about mixed martial arts to personal details about his life outside the arena.

Woodley’s involvement in cyberspace isn’t just limited to Reddit. He is also active on other social media, such as Instagram and Twitter, where he shares snippets of his daily life, philosophical thoughts, and views on current developments in the world of MMA.

However, Woodley’s popularity on Reddit is not only related to his UFC career. His followers appreciate his honesty in dealing with his challenges and failures in the world of sports. He has expressed his feelings about the pressure he feels as champion, the difficulty of defending the title, and the changing competitive dynamics in MMA.

Additionally, Woodley has also used this platform to speak about social issues that he considers important. He is active in supporting anti-racism movements and fighting for equality inside and outside the mixed martial arts environment.

Woodley’s success on Reddit not only created a space for his fans, but also opened the door to collaborations with brands and companies who saw potential in his engagement with online communities. He has been a brand ambassador for several products and is even involved in a charity project dedicated to supporting children and teenagers who dream of becoming fighters.

With over a year of active presence on Reddit, Tyron Woodley has shown that his popularity and impact are not limited to success inside the octagon. By presenting himself authentically and transparently online, Woodley has managed to build a diverse and supportive community, and prove that fighters can not only be loved for their skills in the cage, but also for their authenticity and contributions outside of the fighting circuit.


In conclusion, Tyron Woodley’s journey to fame on the social platform Reddit marks an interesting transition from the world of combat sports to the virtual realm. As a former UFC world champion who experienced ups and downs in his career, Woodley found a new platform to interact with fans, share experiences and provide his unique perspective on the world of MMA.

The creation of a dedicated subreddit for Woodley was a significant step in allowing fans to discuss, relive key moments in his career, and ask questions directly to the veteran fighter through AMA sessions. Woodley’s active involvement on the platform proves that his popularity depends not only on success in the octagon, but also on his authenticity and openness in the face of challenges and failures.